Fill a USPS fixed rate box with some nice gifts and send it to our friends in Willow, AK, where they auction off the boxes as a moneymaker for their food pantry. Last year the auction raised about $6000, boxes going for $40 to $150 each!

Individuals, families, Sunday school classes, UMW groups, choirs, youth groups, etc. fill up a box of souvenir type gifts from the local area, or puzzles, books, games, etc. Send it to the address below, and it will be auctioned off in Willow on March 28. The fixed-rate boxes are the least expensive way to mail, and it takes about a week to get there.

They have a great party with refreshments during the auction. It gets the community together for a fun time during these eternal dark and cold days in Alaska, and it’s for a good cause.

Please mail to: Willow UMC – Parcel Post Auction, P. O. Box 182, Willow, AK 99688.


If you find your car or your pantry overrun with cloth grocery bags, why not bring them in to BUMC where they will be sent to Willow, AK, for use in their food pantry. Designated boxes will be at entrances to the church for your donations. Please, no dirty or torn bags!