United Methodist Men (UMM) is a group of men that seek to use our God-given talents and resources to serve needs inside and outside the church. Our origin is based on the scripture from Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” (NIV) Our purpose is to help our members to know God, grow spiritually, and seek His will daily. As we together are strengthened by each other, we become better men of God in our families, our homes and in our community. Members are encouraged to participate in the total life of the church and to declare the centrality of Christ in their lives.

Membership is open to all adult male members of the congregation and the community. However, we do have many ladies that will join us with our service projects and we are very pleased to have them help serve others.

Our service activities throughout the year include:

  • Work Days at Camp Wesley Woods (cutting firewood, building decks)
  • Sponsoring a Spring Wildflower Hike to White Oak Sinks
  • Maintenance projects inside and outside the church building
  • Parsonage work day
  • Mulching and pruning vegetation around the church
  • Nativity Scene at Asbury Place, Maryville

The UMM sponsors the Faithful Servant of Jesus Christ award. In the 25th chapter of Matthew, Jesus tells the story of the talents and declares “…well done good and faithful servant…” This recognition was created to annually recognize a member of the church that consistently works to serve others, the church, and many times the community in ways that honors Christ. Often this work goes on behind the scenes and unnoticed. Through nominations and selection process by the members of this congregation, that person is recognized as a faithful servant of Jesus Christ.


The UMM conduct two fundraising events each year.

  • Spring Golf Tournament – Open to anyone
  • Pancake Breakfast – usually the first Saturday in December to coincide with the Maryville/Alcoa Christmas Parade. This festive event features all-you-can-eat regular or (our now famous) blueberry pancakes. Sausage and orange juice complete the menu. After breakfast, everyone heads outside to enjoy the parade.

Currently, our meeting dates are irregular, so watch for announcements in the Broadway Briefs, Broadway Messenger, Sunday bulletin, and from the pulpit. Many times they are on Saturday mornings and could coincide with a service project. Come join us and receive a blessing from being with other Christian men and working together on worthy projects.