Here is a description of our upcoming Broadway Hikers adventures! Please sign up through the church office so that we can get in touch in the event of weather adjustments.



At 9:00 on Saturday, March 21, the Broadway Hikers will head for Tremont, park at the Institute, and take the West Prong trail.  A short side trail will take us to the cemetery which includes the grave of little Vannie White who, they say, was escorted to heaven by a dove.  Back on the trail, we’ll experience a modest climb for about a mile through the woods, then descend to an attractive campsite about 2 miles from the trailhead where we’ll enjoy a snack lunch.  Those who want to continue another 7/10 of a mile can climb to the intersection with the Bote Mountain trail.  Then it’s back to the parking lot after a good day in the mountains.



Details TBA Friday, April 10.



On Saturday, April 18, the Broadway Hikers will leave the church at 9:00 for Metcalf Bottoms.  From there we will hike less than a mile to the log schoolhouse built in 1882 where our own Robin Goddard, who regularly conducts guided tours there, will display tools used in construction of the building as well as instructional materials used when the school was in session.  From there we’ll hike about a mile to the Walker Sisters’ Cabin where six single women maintained their traditional way of life on into the 1960s.  Robin, who as a youngster sometimes spent weekends at the cabin, will give us first-hand information on these remarkable sisters.  Then we’ll hike back to Metcalf Bottoms for a picnic lunch.  This will be an especially informative experience for children for whom this way of life is so different from their own.


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