Youth meets on the 5th floor, Grades 6th through 12th in Room 503. Leaders: Alice Croft, Nancy Bradley. We are currently using a resource called LINC (Living in Christ) which builds lessons upon relevant events happening in our world. The focus centers on how can and do we respond to these current events as believers.

The Faithlink class, eets on the 5th floor in room 504, is made up of adults ranging in age from 40’s to 80’s.  We are diverse not only in age but in background, outlook, experience, talents – and this diversity makes for lively and interesting discussions.  Our class takes its name from the Cokesbury publication, “Faithlink – Connecting Faith and Life” and we use this resource except for special times in the Church calendar.  The subtitle says it all “Connecting Faith and Life”!  Recent topics have ranged from “Obesity and Healthy Community,” to “Living Well in an Outrage Culture” and “Asylum.”  For Lent and Advent, we choose a book for a limited special study, usually by a contemporary author such as Adam Hamilton.  Our class is always discussion based – we don’t have a “teacher,” but class members rotate as discussion leaders – and we plan social outings (well, we get together for a meal, what else!) a couple of times during the year.  We always welcome new class members, new ideas, new faces.  Join us!

The Grounded Class meets in Room 402 of the Educational Building. We generally have 6-15 present each week. It rotates teachers, with each taking turns teaching one Sunday a month. Lessons vary from group decision, Bible Study, current events, books, etc  Bob Hayes teaches on the Fifth Sunday.

Message Class meets on the 5th floor in Room 502 of the Education Wing. A.J. Ottinger III is the lead teacher.  Other class members substitute. Our class is a free-flowing discussion of a wide variety of topics from material chosen or developed by class members.  This class follows an interactive format with lots of class participation. Our class ages have ranged from 20’s to 50’s. We use multiple translations of the Bible to gain deeper understanding.  Our class topics typically have a video or audio component to go with the lesson.  Some recent studies have included materials from Adam Hamilton, Max Lucado, as well as materials from the UMC website. Our typical class time is as follow: 9:30 to 9:45 – Social Time;  9:45 to 9:50 – Sharing of prayer concerns and announcement; 9:50 to 10:15 – Lesson and discussion; 10:15 to 10:20 – Close with prayer. We celebrate the end of a study with a full class time to socialize and enjoy food and drinks. Past social outings have included breakfast at Metcalf Bottoms.  Many of our class members are active in the Children’s and Youth ministries, Scouting, and various church committees.

Potpourri Classmeets in Church Parlor, located on the 2nd floor of the education building, around the corner from the children’s Sunday School class. Kevin Teffeteller teaches two Sundays per month and Tom Taylor teaches two Sundays per month with Ralph Bradley teaching on fifth Sundays. Discussion based lessons with Adult Bible Studies series used as text and core of the weekly lessons. The only planned social is the annual Christmas lunch.m

The Upper Parlor Class Located on the fourth floor, Room 407 in the old part of the church, directly over the church’s Parlor Room (hence the name). The class consists of people ages 60-90, with generally 20-30 present each week.  It has 4 rotating teachers, each taking turns teaching one Sunday a month, with lessons ranging from group discussion, Bible study, current events, interesting books, etc. They have a social get-together about once a quarter. During the summer months, different class members, who are interested, may take turns teaching on Sundays.

Upper Room class meets in room 403 in the Education Building. Contact Terry and Vickie Miller for information on meeting dates.
Terry 865-548-2921