Once Upon A Table

Do you enjoy the company of others while you eat and would you like to get to know people at BUMC better? Are you new to our church or an “old timer”? Have you been reluctant to be part of an eating group because you didn’t feel comfortable having folks at your home? If so, consider signing up for ONCE UPON A TABLE.

  1. Groups of “diners” will have approximately 6 persons, who attend Broadway, but aren’t necessarily members of our church.
  2. Couples, singles, even people whose spouses aren’t necessarily interested in joining in, are encouraged to sign up.
  3. Once groups are formed, members can decide when and where to eat. Restaurants, homes, picnics, and even the Riverboat in Knoxville are all possibilities. Each group will do its own thing.
  4. Free childcare for people with young children will be available when possible.
  5.  Sign up sheets will be in the pew pads or contact the church office @ office@broadwayumc.net