Our goal is to provide opportunities for members and friends of Broadway United Methodist Church to join in Spirit-led conversation and be informed about the issues facing the United Methodist Church, and specifically Broadway UMC, as related to recent General Conference actions regarding human sexuality and gender identity.

Our Covenant

* to treat all persons with respect as beloved by God and created in God’s image;

* to speak from our own experience;

* to listen patiently before formulating responses;

* to strive to understand the experience of which others have arrived at their views;

* to choose our words with loving care by assuming the best in others, accurately portraying the views of others, avoiding generalizations about individuals and groups, and avoiding divisive and hurtful speech.

Broadway Next Information Session, Sept 15, 2019

How We Got Here: History & Polity of the UMC, David Schoeni

Our Personal Journey, Rev. Ted Witt

How We All Interpret Scripture, Rev. Bob Hayes

Resources for Additional Information & Understanding:

www.umnews.org or on Facebook United Methodist News

www.um-insight or on Facebook UM Insight

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UMC advocacy groups to learn about their perspectives including:

UMC Next, Wesleyan Covenant Association, Reconciling Ministries Network, and you can Google others.

Plans for the Future of the United Methodist Church:

Several groups have developed alternate plans for the future of the church, including the Indianapolis Plan, the UMCNext ProposalBard-Jones Plan and The New Expressions Worldwide, or N.E.W. Plan.

Resources for Talking About Divisive Sexuality Issues

Leadership Institute 2019 Once you create an account you can access all the videos from this year’s conference and other information on ShareChurch.

Interpreting Scripture: Adam Hamilton, Leadership Institute 2019


Living Faithfully: Human Sexuality and the United Methodist Church, published prior to the 2019 General Conference.

Finding Our Way: Love and Law in the United Methodist Church, essays contributed by denominational leaders published after the 2019 General Conference.

Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White: Thoughts on Religion, Morality, and Politics, by Adam Hamilton.