309 East Broadway Avenue Maryville, TN 37804 Phone:(865)982-6192 Email: office@broadwayumc.net Website: www.broadwayumc.net

Worship and Sunday School hours change June 3 – August 5

Prayer and Praise Service at 8:30 am  (with Volunteer Musicians)
Sunday School at 9:00 am
Traditional Service at 10:00 am
Non-Traditional Service at 11:15 am  (with the present Praise Band)

“Whoever you are; in whatever faith you were born, whatever creed you profess

 if you come to this house to find God, you are welcome.”

                                                      John Wesley, Founder of Methodism

Dear Friends

The people of the Broadway United Methodist Church of Maryville are happy to be in service for Jesus Christ. The church has been part of the downtown landscape since 1899. We enjoy being a part of one of the nicest cities in Tennessee. We are not one of the largest churches, but we are one of the finest. Our mission statement is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through worship, fellowship, service, witness, and study. We have opportunities in all of these areas.

If you are looking for a church home where you can be involved, we would love to meet you. We have Sunday School classes for all age groups. We have contemporary and traditional worship. We have children, youth, and music ministries. We have a Parents Day Out program for preschoolers. We are always looking for new partners on the Christian Pilgrimage.

The people of Broadway have a trademark of enjoying one another. Being a downtown church we want to meet the needs of those in distress, both spiritually and physically. Come and worship with us. Come and be in mission with us. Come and find a home here at Broadway, with Jesus as our guide.

                                                                             In Christ,                



Rev. Laura R. Rasor, Pastor

Thursday, May 10

  8:30 am – Parent’s Day Out

12:30 pm – 4H STEM

  7:30 pm – Epworth Bells

Friday, May 11

11:00 am – Salvation Army Lunch

  3:00 pm – Food Pantry Set Up

  6:00 pm – Girl Scouts 20838

Saturday, May 12

  9:00 am – Brown Food Pantry

12:00 pm – Treena Moore Recital

Sunday, May 13

  Mother’s Day

  8:30 am – Worship

  9:30 am – Sunday School

10:35 am – Worship.

Monday, May 14

  8:30 am – Parent’s Day Out

10:00 am – Knit wits

  6:00 pm – Finance Mtg.

  6:00 pm – Girl Scouts 20536

  7:00 pm – Church Council Mtg.

  7:00 pm – Boy Scouts

Tuesday, May 15

  8:30 am – Parent’s Day Out

  6:00 pm – Let’s Grow Worship Mtg.

  6:30 pm – Cub Scouts

Wednesday, May 16

  8:30 am – Parent’s Day Out

  4:00 pm – Confirmation

  5:00 pm – Confirmation Dinner

  5:00 pm – Immigration Outreach

  6:30 pm – Chancel Choir

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